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Running an Optometry Practice

Just by implementing the first part of David’s plan… we’re making it expand the way I wanted.

37% of practices don’t have enough patients. Our simple, effective, proven methods capture market share for you and increase profitability.

After 7 years in practice, I finally realized that if I had studied optometry in the same manner I had studied the practice management side of my practice, my patients would have been better off visiting a podiatrist for their eye care.

Optometry school taught me a lot, but it certainly didn’t teach me how to run a successful practice.

That’s where the Master Consulting expertise of David Sanders and the highly successful optometric experience of Dr. John L. Brinkley, OD come in.

Certified Master Consultant

Even in this economy, the optometrists who follow our lead are thriving and flourishing. The fact is that when you use the right tools, you achieve results! Can you imagine not having slow seasons anymore? It can be done.


Do you want to know how to choose your staff?


Do you want to know how to train them?


Do you want to ensure the front desk keeps your schedule full, but doesn’t keep patients waiting?


Do you want your business to make MORE money?


Do you want to get paid what you’re worth?

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Years and years ago, I started studying optometric practice management – hard.

I hired some of the best consultants in the business and worked diligently to make my practice into a real model.

In the process I made lots of mistakes – traps that I can help you avoid.


Like spending too much on the wrong marketing actions that flopped.


Like hiring the wrong people.


Like being Mr. Milktoast Manager and Mr. Doormat Owner.


If you had been there, you would have laughed, but it sure didn’t seem funny at the time.

My practice is busier and the staff and I are happier and more productive. I can say without reservation this works.