Happy Patients and Prosperous Optometry Practices

Do you find optometric practice management to be a challenge? Perhaps you have found, as I have, that it takes more than a couple of practice management articles, or some good advice from a friend at Starbucks to acquire the know-how for the success and profitability we desire in our practices.

Honestly, optometry school taught me a lot, but it certainly didn’t teach me how to run a successful practice.

After 7 years in practice, I finally realized that if I had studied optometry in the same manner I had studied the practice management side of my practice, my patients would have been better off visiting a podiatrist for their eye care.

Should You Do What I’ve Done?

So I started studying optometric practice management hard.

I hired some of the best consultants in the business and worked diligently to make my practice into a real model.

In the process I made lots of mistakes traps that I can help you avoid.

Like spending too much on the wrong marketing actions that flopped.

Like hiring the wrong people.

Like being Mr. Milktoast Manager and Mr. Doormat Owner.

If you had been there, you would have laughed, but it sure didn’t seem funny at the time.

There is a Right Way

Finally, with the right coaching and study, I learned and I overcame my weak points, and so can you.

Sure, it cost me a pretty penny.  But today I make $10 in net profit each year for every dollar I invested in learning how to manage and market my practice like a pro.

So, you might ask, what does one really need to know?

Isn’t It All Really Simple?

Yes and no.

It sure seems simple to me now. But that’s because I have mastered a lot of the pieces of the puzzle over the years. And learned how they fit together just right.

There are a lot of moving parts in a professional practice.

  • How to choose your staff.
  • How to train them.
  • Organizing for production and efficiency.
  • Ensuring the front desk keeps my schedule full but doesn’t keep patients waiting.
  • Selling the treatment plan or 2nd pair.
  • Marketing in today’s over-communicated society.
  • Getting paid what you’re worth.
  • Dealing with financial planning.
  • Being an executive.

That’s a Lot

Yes, and I could go on and on.  Each area has it’s own set of simple patterns of how to do it right.

Yet you would be surprised how much there is to just running the front desk right.

After 20 years, I’ve got it dialed in.

I’m not trying to brag, and I frankly don’t even like to discuss it like this.

It would be much better if you came to my practices to see for yourself.

Or come hear me speak and you’ll quickly figure out that John Brinkley knows how to build and maintain a high level of success in optometry because he understands optometric practice management.

But on the web, you have a right to get a feel for who you’re talking to.

How Do You Transfer This Ability?

It’s fine that I know how it’s done. Great.

But how in the world do I get that knowledge transferred to you and other ODs, when so many attend various practice management presentations without it changing their lives or practices.

We’ve all wasted a lot of time and money on things that didn’t work for us. Right?

Plus, it’s one thing to KNOW what to do, and quite another to DO IT!

Whether I charge a little or a lot for getting you the data, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not worth it if you don’t get a result.

Plus, while I have made the decision to share what I know, I am not willing to do it if it means losing the lifestyle I’ve worked so hard to create.

This is really a tough one. It stumped me for a long time.

Finally, I’ve made a breakthrough and here it is.

Bringing Aboard the Best

I have searched out what I believe to be the best team of veteran practice management consultants in the country.

These guys are “the doctors” for optometry practices.

Plus, since we’re still in a difficult economic environment, I’ve found the strongest sales training program available and have personally re-written it to adapt it to our optometry practices.

And I’ve located some of the most life-changing courses designed to bring out the executive ability in anyone.

And much, much more. And am making this available to you on a first-come first-served basis.

Decades of Experience

My team and I have worked with many approaches to improving professional practices. We have seen a lot of fads come and go. From our experience, we have sifted out the best approaches.

An optometrist can’t get all he/she needs to grow his/her practice in a minute or two.

And yes, even in an economic downturn of this magnitude, I believe you should still be seeking to grow your practice.

It takes a clearly laid-out, step-by-step program for you and your staff, implemented with someone who is as dedicated as you are to your practice’s success.

The goals and practices of today’s optometrists vary greatly.

Whether you only do exams, sell frames and lenses, do vision therapy, operate a franchise or have a specialty or unique niche, there are fundamentals that can help you create a more effective and viable practice.

I’ve seen it all and tried a large number of things in my 5 offices.

You don’t have time to make all the mistakes yourself why not learn from mine and the decades of experience of my team, Vision Practice Management, Inc.

Some Areas We Cover

Below are major areas essential to your success.

• Productivity & Time Management

• Hiring & Retaining the Best Staff

• Staff Training

• Communication Skills

• Management by Statistics

• Office Management

• Getting Abundant New Patients

• Organizing for Production

• Collections

• Personnel Problems

• Routing and Handling Patients

• And much more…

Tailored to Your Practice

Our program is addressed to you. This ensures that implementation of the management tools actually occurs.

We help you to fully handle the practice so that you can achieve your goals.

To get the specifics on how this program could help you, or to take advantage of the special offer below, contact us today.