So you have staff problems? Your staff is not performing you hired them for. You show them how to do it and they only do it when nagged or watched.

There is a principle called the “irreducible minimum.” A person on a job tends to drop the less visible tasks and only do those things they absolutely have to do. If they did any less, they’d get fired.

You hire someone to hold the front desk, to welcome patients, do recalls, follow up on insurance and another two dozen tasks. They sit at the reception desk text or email their friends. If they did any less the patients would never arrive in your chair. Business begins to slip. What do you do?

One important tip is to ensure that the staff actually understand the words and terms of optometry and for each piece of equipment they operate. We have lists compiled that can assist in this. Even veteran staff often have lots that they don’t understand and this gets in the way of their ability to do their functions and handle patients properly. Whatever system you use to train you staff, this tip is of critical importance.

There are 2 right ways to train your staff and an infinity of wrong ones.

If you have experienced great difficulty in getting staff to perform, if you have to issue a constant stream of orders, if your staff still screw it up even after they’re “trained” then you have discovered some of the wrong ways to train them.

Why not give us a call and discuss your situation and see if there is a simple, straight forward way to improve it and bring about a practice that works the way you’d really like it to work.

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