One of my old clients, when asked how many people he had working for him would think for a moment and then quip, “Oh, about half.”

Yes, there are some staff who are not trainable. In fact, they are actually not employable! Yet you may have some of them “working” for you, or at least taking your money.

In the system of management we use, personnel are divided into 3 categories: The WILLING, the DEFIANT NEGATIVE and the WHOLLY SHIFTLESS. How do you identify these?

Starting with the defiant negative, this is a person who says or acts out “NO.” In some cases they seem very nice and say, “yes, yes, yes.” But you can’t get them to do the task you are asking them to do. Whatever the mouth says doesn’t connect with the real world.

In some cases they have lots of reasons why whatever you want done can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. They give you all the reasons they can’t make recall calls or send out insurance forms, and then when you go in with your next patient, they go back to watching their YouTube video.

Some people are completely shiftless. They just don’t want to work. They waste your time, in some cases they use up all their sick time and are very unreliable. Some practices are stuck with this kind of personnel. And they tend to spoil the morale and production of the rest of your staff.

I have seen an extreme example of this in two practices recently. In one practice, they were stealing about $7,000 worth of frames a month. In another, they embezzled over $39,000 in the last year.

You know the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard to earn with all that investment of time, effort and risk. Want to know where it’s going? Maybe you have hired the wrong people.

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