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We deliver practice systems that result in more patients, more profit, higher visibility and increased referrals.

Grow Your Practice

Manage Your Practice Effectively

An effectively managed practice means you get more done in less time and often with less staff but with much better results!

Increase Your Practice Productivity & Profitability

A practice that produces more can profit more. Our system will show you how to achieve both of these results consistently!

Confidently Lead Your Office Team

Our delivery system teaches you the management skills you need to lead your office team confidently and effectively and we monitor your progress until results are achieved.


Overcome Staff Problems, Marketing and Reimbursement Barriers and Have Your Dream Practice

Hello. I’m David Sanders and my team and I help optometrists like you to have happy patients who then send in their friends, and we’ve developed a system that delivers prosperous practices.

We have researched and discovered that it’s the staff problems and the business side that often reduces patients’ perception of the quality of care. Once the office problems are resolved we then implement a marketing and sales system that drives new business through your doors.If you want a more ideal practice where you feel fulfilled instead of frustrated, look no further.

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Electronic Medical Records Transition

It seems like a lot of practices are now getting on the EMR bandwagon. We did this a couple of years ago and what we found might interest you. The amount of complexity going along with EMR  is either thrilling or massively frustrating, depending upon your interest in...

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Do You Have The Wrong People?

One of my old clients, when asked how many people he had working for him would think for a moment and then quip, “Oh, about half.” Yes, there are some staff who are not trainable. In fact, they are actually not employable! Yet you may have some of them “working” for...

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How to Train Your Staff

So you have staff problems? Your staff is not performing you hired them for. You show them how to do it and they only do it when nagged or watched. There is a principle called the “irreducible minimum.” A person on a job tends to drop the less visible tasks and only...

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What our clients are saying about us

“I have been using this highly workable management system in my office for five years. I have seen my business grow from $175,000.00 to $550,000.00. The reason for this growth is a more efficient, more sane, more productive environment with less stress. I recommend it to any doctor.”

Mary E. Hood, O.D.

@New Orleans

“I tried two other leading consultants and spent a fortune with them and got no results. So I was understandably skeptical despite the high recommendations that Mr. Sanders had from his many clients. But seeing is believing. With his help, we increased my practice by three times in less than a year! I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate his professionalism and competence.”

Dr. Mindy Stormy

@Austin, Texas

“I was facing a mutiny in my practice, with my key staff ready to quit. I had been getting “help” from someone who was not all that good. So I called Master Consultant David Sanders to the rescue. He not only defused the potential disaster, but took my practice to almost the two-million dollar mark.”

Cheryl O’Brien Minneapolis


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